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The Student Symposium on Current Issues at Data Protection Law was held by Yeditepe Law School Data Protection Community on the 4th of December, 2019. Activity included 3 different sessions and opening speech was given by the Dean of Yeditepe Law School, Prof. Dr. Sultan Tahmazoğlu Üzeltürk. 

Ahmet Demirtaş, Berna Kahraman and Aysu Tanoğlu made their presentations at the first session moderated by Dr. Mehmet Fethi Şua.  

Mehmet Barkın Aslan, Sevim Bilge Duran and Ebrar Büyükgüçlü gave their presentations at second session moderated by Res. Asst. Eşref Barış Börekçi. 

Atahan Özkul and Mehmetcan Sayıntürk made their presentations at third and last session of the symposium moderated by Res. Asst. Fatmagül Yazıcı. 

Members of the Yeditepe Law School Data Protection Community focused on these subjects at their presentations: Right to Vote on Data Age, Processing of the Personal Data in the Scope of Criminal Proceedings, Analying of the scope of German Federal Data Protection Act and The Law on the Protection of Personal Data, The Place of Turkish Criminal Law at the Data Protection Law, Data Breach at Data Protection Law on theorical and practical approaches,  Consents of the children on the processing of their data. 

The symposium took place at the University’s 26 Ağustos Campus-Rectorate Building-Üzeyir Garih Saloon and attracted intensive attention by the Yeditepe Law School students and academic staff. 

Traditionalise of this student symposium was decided for the following current developments on modern world.